Saturday, March 9, 2013

Oh Vivi darlin'

Hello my Gal's~

Oh my God! Today my Husband and I went to Japan town because I need it some new Lashes but guess what I found...

I found a fake Vivi Westwood handbag and yes, I don't like knock offs but Vivi Westwood, I just couldn't say no to it, plus it was only $25...Also I bought come bottom lashes. I was thinking to buy Dolly wink but I don't wanna spent so much money for bottom lashes...yea I am a pretty cheap person, I spent to much money on my School Uniform which you Gals will see soon on my Blog. I hope it will becoming soon.

Plus we took again some Purikuras...hehe yea I am getting so hook on it xD

 Just love it very much!!

Plus my makeup for today, Yea I know I am not wearing my CL, wasn't in the mood for it...

love em~


  1. oooh like the lashes! Beautiful as always. You guys are so cute together ^^

    1. OH your so sweet! Thank you very much!