Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yea! March is here!

Hello my Gal's~

And welcome March. I bought the newest Popteen Magazine yesterday and yea I am back to Popteen and the reason is pretty simple, look down below!

 Kogal Fashion!!! I am really in to this Fashion and soon I will have my Bow and uniform shipped to me! I can't wait to take a lot of pictures in my Uniform plus I am cuting my beautiful long hair short, plus dying it a softer Ash Blond! Soon you will see the new ME!

Just my look on Friday! I am in love with the natural gyaru look and I feel like it makes me look very soft and younger!

Yea! My first NEWS ALBUM, I Know it isn't the newest Album, but I know this was there last one, I think... I just love Yuya and Yamapi in this group!


When I saw this I just need it to have them, those two magazine where only $6!! There whore on SALE! Plus I just love Yuya...yep! I become a fangirl for Yuya...Do I like I care! NOPE!

love em~~


  1. Can't wait your new style
    It sounds like it really suits you
    And it's also really Japanese look