Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cherry Gal!

Hello Dollies~

Just a new update! FOr you all!! I changed my hair and I change my makeup style plus I got new CL, YEA! Last weekend was the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan Town and I had a great blessed because I meet new gals and I hangout with my lovely Friend Mari chan!! I had so much plus we took a lot of purikuras!

My new Hair/Makeup

Sunday's Food made by my Boyfriend!

 It was so yummy that I pretty much eat myself to death, hehe xD

 AWW~~ So relaxing (*---*)

Cherry Blossom Festival! 

 We took so many purikuras plus It was so much fun hanging out with those awesome Gyarus/ Lolita!!!
Love you Gals!!

 AWWWWWW~ My big Inspiration if it comes to Lolita and Gyaru Fashion, This Gal is so awesome!!!! Love youuu Mari chan!!


love em~~


  1. I love you ;__;!
    You are such a beautiful Girl ♥

    1. AWWW! Thank you so much :( Its so sweet of you to say!

  2. LOVE your hair coulour! Reaaally! I like how it fades from you colour to almost white before going blue, that perfect *O*
    Aw food, and aw mask and why are these crepes so cute?!

  3. You are such a pretty gyaru~! Where do you live that there are Purikura? ;~;