Friday, May 3, 2013

I am Loving the Hime Lolita Gyaru Fashion!

Hi Dollies~

Today I want it to post a little update of myself. You can tell on this photo that I am really loving the Hime Fashion/ Ageha Fashion! I dont know why but I thinks is so cute and I am still young so why not  because a awesome Hime Gyaru! Let me know what you Gals think?

Love em~~

 My hime look!! 

 And finally I have a cute layout for my iPhone ! YEAAA!!!!!!

Plus my hime look!!!


  1. The dress is cute!
    And your Iphone layout is so adorable!

  2. wooow. you look so adorable. ♥

    how can I change the layout of my iphone? Is there an app what I can use?
    Or how did you do it? :D

    Loove. ♥