Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Day with Janis

Hello Dollies!

Sorry for not posting that much anymore but I wanna blog about the awesome day I had with my friend Janis! She is the most fun person to hangout with and oh my god we are so a like! That its so awesome, plus I got to see my friend Erika chan to at that day. We walk in on her, that was funny. 

We took even Purikua, FINALLY! I was so happy, but soon I will post more this about my myself.

xoxo em~


  1. You all look cute! The sixth pic is darling!

  2. Meeting friends is always lovely. ♥
    You all look so pretty. :3 Ahh and I love taking purikura. <3

  3. Aww looks like you guys had fun! Janis is so nice :D

    1. Thank you so much!! I hope one day I can hangout with you tooo :D

  4. Seems you had lots of fun! Purikuras are so cute~

    Regards from
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