Sunday, June 9, 2013

My TOP 3 Kuronba Gaijin Gals

Hello Gals!

Today I want it to post this blog post because I wanna share
my TOP 3 Gaijin Icons. That I personally look up too and
oh my god there makeups are perfectly done! Some of you
Gals like them or even hate them but I cant hate on all of my 
Gals sisters becomes of them I got where I am know with
my Gyaru Fashion. 

Yea I know I change my style 24/7 but in the end I go back
to the the Sexy Gyaru style! Pretty much Ageha/Soulsister/
Egg fashion. And I personally feel that this style fit me way
better then the Cute Kawaii style.

1. Janis

My home Gal Janis has become a good
 friend of my and I must say that her style kills
 me every time I see her! Her and I
have the same crazy mind if it comes to art and Fashion
and I love hanging out with her! Janis your my Hero!!

2. Ashley

Ashley is for me the Queen B of Gyaru Makeup! Some
of you want like it but for me, her make up is the Boomb!
I cant not even start with her Fashion, she is the most
greatest Fashionista if it comes to Kuronba Fashion!
Just Gyaru Fashion. I hope one day I could meet her
and take a lot of Purikuras with her. She looks like a
awesome fun Gal to go drinking with!

 3. Abi

Abi, Abi my sweet Abi! She has the most amazing gal style
I ever seen its so sexy and amazing how she can make her
outfits look like D.I.A Fashion. And her Wigs look like
Fucking real Hair!! I hope she will bring us more Fun in this
trend. Some ppl dont care for her but I just love her Style!
If i was hating her it would be pretty much because she looks
Fucking AWESOME! Go ABI!

love em~


  1. I love Janis & Ash too!!!
    Specially Ash she gives such good advice!
    & always is willing to help out!

  2. How come you didn't post links of their blogs/sites or do they not have them?

    1. i dont know if Ashley, Janis or Abi have a blog I follow them on facebook :(

    2. Oh darn. Thanks for the info though. ^_^