Monday, June 24, 2013

My Inspiration makeup for L.A!

Hi Gals!

I need it some new Makeup Inspiration and Rina is just 
prefect for this! I love her makeup so much and oh my 
god I would give my soul to the devil just to look like ,
Rina...Well that sound it a bit wrong -__- But I hope u
gals know what I mean with that, hehe.

But soon you Gals will see so much Ma*rs fashion, be-
cause in a week will be the Anime Expo!! You all should
come down to LA and buy a lot of Ma*rs Items!

love em~

 OMG Rina and I have the same pullover *O*

When I saw this I almost cry because I never thought that Rina
and I have the same test of clothing!!!! I am so happy! Know I 
really want the shoes so I feel like more like my Icon Rina!!!!!!



  1. I love Rina too! What do you think of her lighter makeup style that's been in the last few Agehas? I think she looks even prettier!

    1. OMG!! I LOVE HER EVEN MORE! But I dont care what color her skin ton is, she is just beautiful :D