Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I got to meet Fumino From MA*RS!

Hi Gals!!

You all can tell I am finally back from the expo and before
I start I just really wanna post about this today! Can you be
lieve I got to meet Fumino and the Designer from MA*RS?

I can't even believe it! I got so happy when I saw Fumi chan,
she is my Favorite Ma*rs Gal and she is so nice ! Plus we had
so much fun working together! I am just so happy! Love you
Fumi chan!! I hope we can meet again!!

 Fumi chan and Ma*rs!

 Fumi again but this time I am wearing Ma*rs
and yes can you believe I fit in Ma*rs clothing!
I still cant believe it!!!! <3

 Fumi chan is so Kawaii! I will miss her (TnT)

Plus she sign my Ma*rs book! LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!

love xoxo emi


  1. Seems like you had some fun there >_<
    I can see a lot of ppl talking about it,I wish I had lived in the US so I could attend the event too!