Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Anime Expo Ax 2013 [Part 1]

Hi Gals!

Oh my God where sound I start, I had so much fun at the
Anime Expo Ax 2013!! I seen so many awesome Gals
and all of them where so nice! But I really have to say a
big thank you to Michi chan!! She made it all happen for
us and I will be so thankful of her! With out her we all
wouldn't had be here! THANK YOU MICHI CHAN!!

 On are way to the Expo, we all wake up at 4 am everyday.
It pretty much killed us but we made it! And I am so proud
of all the Gals I meet, we Sold a lot of Items at the Expo!!
Michi is so funny and cute! Just Love her and I will miss
her, but I hope I can go soon to LA again, maybe with Janis!

 Oh and a Thank you to Steph, she took has to the Ax pretty
much everyday!! Thank you Stephanie *O*

 I was so happy when I saw the MA*RS/TUTUHA Store,
It made me feel like I was in Tokyo Japan plus oh my god!
I got the meet Fumino, Saoir and the two Designer!! All of
them where so nice and kind, and you could tell there 
where so shy *O* 

Yea! I got to meet so many awesome Gals like Rosie, Nino,
Michi, Tricia, Lisha, Victoria, Rina, Stephanie, Cindy, Nana,
Skylar, Adri and more Gals (@w@) 

 I cant believe I worked for MA*RS and tutuHA this last week!
I sold so much Items but we all work has an amazing team!!!!!
Nino and Rosie look so kawaii in there Mars dresses and Adri,
Victoria and I run all over the place, Michi help out alot to and
the fashion show was great! I am really trying hard to lose the
weight because I would love one day to Model for Mars and

Plus I made a new friend in the Expo! Her name is Saori and
she is the sweetest and cutes Gal out there! I will miss her a lot,
I hope I can see here again, she gave me a small gift that I thought
it was so kind of her! I just love her!

Part 2 will come soon! 
xoxo em~


  1. Wow I'm so jealous you got to work for the MA*RS booth! You all look so pretty and cool and sexy oh my gosh~ I just wish I could have been able to go to see it!

    1. you should had been here! its was so much fun :D

  2. So pretty! All the pictures :)

    How do you figure out if you fit in the clothes or not? Even when I was in Tokyo, I was scared to walk into Ma*rs and tutuha because I have a bit of hips and boobs >__<;; Haha

    1. Honestly I just bought is and I fit! but I dont fit in too the pants only the tops :)