Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A friend from Heaven

Hi Gals!

On saturday I was hanging out with my awesome friend Janis
aka Pinksugarichigo! I honestly never get to hangout with her
because we are just very busy gals but if we do get the time we
pretty much just talk and talk and talk xD

Plus you gals saw the picture we took! I had so much fun
with janis! She is really an amazing person and I am so 
blessed she is my friend!

At macy's Janis had cafe and I had Ice tea.

Those are the wants that I took from her, yea janis take way
better photos then I but I had so much fun! This Gal know
how to Model!! Love you Gal!

Hehe, us :P

Plus at this day I sadly lost my bunny bag :( pretty much 
got stollen....but life goes on I guess...thank you Jesus! 
My wallet wasn't in there, that would had sucked so bad.

Karaoke Time with Janis, yea we got pretty much drunk and I 
cant believe she made me sing xD But I Had so much Fun!

hehe me 100% Drunk xD

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  1. you guys are cuties~ i just got to hang out with one of my really good friends today. its refreshing!! im not even sure what im doing everyday that prevents me from being able to hang out with some friends more often, but i guess its just a conflict in schedule? or the working life? oh well, you both look beautiful and look like you had a great time!!

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
    Japanese Gyaru Makeup Blog