Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I cut my Hair!

Hi Gals!

Yesterday I had a really good day with my Gal Janis, we talked 
for a long time and we even had a small shopping spire.

I don't know if you Dollies Follow me on my Facebook page but
I am in love with this amazing J-drama called
 Heartbroken Chocolatier!

This Drama really had the most amazing looking chocolate you can 
dream of, so I was on the hunt for an amazing Chocolatier and
I found one! I went crazy and I finally bought myself those
yummy chocolate! It was dreamy !

Janis and I had an amazing Lunch plus let's don't forget a nice
cafe at Starbucks! Starbucks had the most amazing Cafe 
Latte I seriously ever had!  It's called Vanilla Latte and 
OMG! It was GOOD!

For lunch we went to Nordstrom and the Food was amazing! Janis
and I split the meal we had~ It was pretty much enough for us!

One think I got really happy was, we finally took a selfie together!
We always hangout and we always forget to take a Pic of us...
But finally we did <3

A Selfie of the Day!

What do you Gals think?

Thank you dollies for reading my blog and don't forget to
comment down blow and feel free to follow my blog!
 Thank you so much!

Big Kiss EmiMarie