Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Just a small Haul

Hi Gals!

I just want it to show you all want I bought last weekend and I am
planing to go the cherry blossom festival in SF. Let's hope I
can go. 

Yes new Clothes for this Gal!

Yea new Lashes and BBCream plus Bare Minerals had an 
amazing sale! The had 5 for $25 and normally one of the
powers is already $20. I was lucky I guess!

My BF was so nice and he bought me a new Wallet! That was 
so sweet of him. I hope I can get myself the matching bag 
with it.

Yea, Just me and my normal look :)

Lately I am in love with the movie Frozen and You can tell
that I love Elsa. Thinking about if I should Cosplay her?
Well lets she what will happened <3

Omg I cant believe that Line has know FROZEN STICKERS!
You know what that means, I need to them!

Thank you dollies for reading my blog and don't forget to
comment down blow and feel free to follow my blog!
 Thank you so much!

Big Kiss EmiMarie 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, the dress was only 12.90 plus 40% off so I pretty much got it for like 8 something *O*

  2. I love the floral dress <3 and the wallet is so cool