Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What a week...

Hi Gals~

Yesterday I was so busy pretty much I got to relax a bit in 
Jp town. We had an amazing Lunch in jp town to and 
after that I got to eat some nice waffle Ice cream.

Kawaii <3 Finally I bought this!
 I didn't had this for a very long time!

My make up off the day, I really love having short hair!
Next post I will style my hair more and I need to 
color my hair again.

I found this cute bag in Shibuya Sf and I normally dont shop there
but I found this cute bow purse , so I need it to have this! 
It was on sale so my boyfriend was sweet to get me this!

Sorry for the bad picture, I will take a better one soon :(

Plus I bough two new Magazine and I love to learn about new
fashion Trent's in Japan.

My Newest Sketch I drew

What do you Gals think?

Thank you dollies for reading my blog and don't forget to
comment down blow and feel free to follow my blog!
 Thank you so much!

Big Kiss EmiMarie 


  1. Love love love love love that bag! Its just toooooo cute ♥ The ice cream crepe looks delicious and kawaii and your sketch is amazing! Everytime you post your art, I always wish I could draw well like you hehehe.

    1. Oh thank you so much Hun that means a lot to me and I know you if your start drawing you can become better then me :D

  2. so much awesomeness! Love it all :D

  3. Ahhh it's my life ambition to eat a super kawaii waffle or crepe ice cream o.o so jealous!
    Plus your artwork is beautiful. Only just discovered your blog. I'm new to this, can you recommend any other Japanese style fashion blogs? ^-^

    Kitsune x

  4. Such a cute ice cream!! Kawaiiii ^__^