Friday, December 3, 2010

☆Wanna see my work room??*~☆

Well hello there, I can see that someone looks pretty good today? Well? Who is this someone...yeah the someone is me, yeaahhh. I'm getting better with the gyaru hairstyle plus I can tell I'm learning and soon I will get my newist contact's, their  called Geo Nudy Brown (*w* ), that my lovely boyfriend got me for x-mas, yeaaahhhhhh!! But know are you ready to see the room of pain? It is  know has a tattoo room too, muahahahahahaa! Ok...that's a lil bit to much...Let's just say the happy room, hehe. It's a big room, very nice I most say. I have soo much space and I can put so much in it!! I am still waiting for my stuff to come, but if I have the thing's I need I will blog about it again soo you all can see the real look of this room!

My own lil room, I just love it..what do you guy's think..?

Those are the stuff that I need, to keep everthing clean!! But I have more in the back of the room!

This poster is hanging in the shop and I thought it would look soo cool as a tattoo, I would love to get that one on my back some where..? The color's are the freaking boom plus look at her, she is just beautiful! Love the japanese art!!

 That's my last picture for today, I hope you all loved it! You all are welcome to leave me an comment and I hope I will see you agian! xoxo emimarie~


  1. I really love how you did you hair! The curls are gorgeous.

    I also love the look of the room. The vibrant red and orange walls are great.

  2. Woah, I love your hair *.*

    And nice room! I like the colors!

  3. You look so pretty!! ^__^ ♥ And your work area is nice and spacious!

  4. You're gorgeous girl!<3
    Wow, so nice to have your own room! awesome job you seem to have!