Friday, April 1, 2011

☆April a April*~☆

Hey Gal's! Wow today is the 1th of April, I can't belive it. I feel like I'm getting old soon...I don't really like it, but that's live...I guess. Oh well :) Before I start my blog I should apologize to Asu chan. If you remember my layout with the nice gyaru artwork. This Artwork was from AsuRock's online shop, but I seen this in animexx langtime ago so I didn't know that she use it for her online shop. I hope you can forgive me :( I'm very sorry Asu...

I was in the mood today to post some pictures plus thing's I want to get, I don't reallt know what should I post about...? I want it to post about my room...well my room  isn't that good looking. Oh before I forget soon you all will see my NEW Tattoo Shop! It's white and Pink, really girly but sexy! On Saterday I will deco it and take some Pictures *__* Nice nice niceeee!
Me and my WC hat *___*
Me and my cute lil stitch friend, I just love stitch!
My Makeup look for today, I have to get me some new lenses! But today my eye's hurt...

If you want to HELP JAPAN, you should get this t-shirt! Soon I will buy me this one! It's cute plus,
if I can help japan with it ,that  makes me happy! I love too help as muchs I can


  1. Your eye makeup is beautiful! ;w;
    I love your eyes <3

  2. sorry, aber warum bloggst du auf englisch wenn du es so gar nicht kannst? x_x das tut ja weh beim lesen

  3. Les mein blog net...und du bist unter Anonymous, wow...good for you :)

    Thank you Meri and Anni :D Thank you so much♥
    xoxo emimarie

  4. The new header is really cool!:) Luv the make up

  5. your tat is soooo beautiful omg I am in LOVE! I really like it so much!

  6. You are beautiful!
    I love tattoo!!

  7. I looove your tattoo ! Have fun with your work ! I would like to see more ! :D