Friday, September 2, 2011

Green tea please!

Hi everyone. Today is a lil post about my make up and outfit. I hope you Gal's Love love love it :) I wish you all a happy weekend! xoxo emimarie
My make up look, lenese i used are Mimi apple green :) Just love them :)

Shoese-Forever 21//Jeans-Goodwill//neckless-Forever21//bracelet-betsey johnson

My cute and lovely husband


  1. I love your eye makeup!!! What lashes are you using in the first picture?

  2. Omigawsh your eye makeup is so pretty! You should totally do a tutorial or something ^^

  3. Choudie, the lashes I use are NYC, I don't know the number but thery aren't japanese lashes :) american are fine for me too :)

    Lizzie, I will try to make and tutorial, well if I have the time :) But I hope it will help for some ppl :)

    xoxo emimarie

    P.s: thank you for leaving me nice comment :D

  4. The mimi apple green lenses look super good on you! loving your make up!! and hair accessory <3 <3 (I'm a big fan of huge hair bows haha) super pretty! as always :D <3 <3

  5. Lovely outfit! And wow what a make up! I love ur eyes *w* and tattoos too! Very lovely combination!

  6. Okashi thank you very much ne :D You look pretty as well 2 :) Thank you for vising my ppl ne :D

    Kiwi Thank you so much 2 :D That really makes me happy to hear and I will post soon more new pics of me :D

    thank you sooo much gals :D

    xoxo emimarie♥