Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Power of Music


Hey everyone. This post is about something that really mean's alot to me and you will think first what dose Ayumi Hamasaki has to do with it? Well Ayumi Hamasaki mean's the world to me and she help me alot throw life! Her music and her fashion made me want to change myself in a better person. If I need it someone, ayu was always there for me, I just played her  CD or went to Youtube and just listen to her music! Her music gave me alot of passion for drawing and believing in Love. I even got and tattoo of Ayumis face on my arm, This wamon did so much for me, that I just want to say THANK YOU AYUMI HAMASAKI FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID IN MY LIFE! She even help me throw hard times that I had has an teenager...When you live in germany has and teenager, it's pretty hard but which teenager doesn't have problems?  I'm just happy that I found her, My Hero, My Icon and My music of soul Arigato Ayumi san! xoxo emimarie

My Top 10 Playlist of my Favo's Ayumi Hamasaki song's:








Yea my number 1 song of Ayu is called Momentum! This song remainds me of my grandmother that I lost with a young age! I just love this song and this song help me alot throw my hard time but honestly I love every single song of Ayu! No mather which song she is singing I will love it,  no mather what!


  1. Got to love Ayumi!
    Its so sweet that she has been such an inspiration to you :D
    Her music as amazing ^__^

  2. She's such a great singer!! *o*
    I think it's nice to have a favourite singer which help you, I also have one ^^
    Btw my favourite song of Ayu is Mirrorcle World

  3. Think I might just listen to these songs whilst doing some artwork ;D Thanks for sharing! ^^

  4. Ah yes Ayu... If I wasn't into my own thing with Gyaru I would follow her style.

  5. i love ayumi! she's my style role model and idol.. i been loving her for years :) thanks for sharing these videos! i wanna play some now , while im studying! your tattoo of her on your arm is amazing!! :)

  6. Thank you everyone for there comment and Yes Ayu is the best of the best! She changed alot in the Jpop music videos, Sometimes I feel like koda kumi copics Ayu but that what I feel :)
    Thank youu for comment to my post :D

    xoxo emimarie