Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dior kiss RED!

Hi Hi~

Just a small post about my Red Lipstick I bought 4 months ago from Nordstrom. It's Dior *O* I saved money and I bought it. I hope you all love the color on me. Oh and before I forget thank you! Some of you Gal's agreed what I thought about the western gyaru community. Thank you again :) kissuuuuu. I hope I see you all soon again. And yes my next post will be more about gyaru fashion.

Red Lips are Classy not Trashy!

xoxo emimarie


  1. red lips look nice on you :) and i love ur make up!
    kissss from japan

  2. Thank you so much hun :D
    kissu emimarie

  3. I really like everything red on you!!
    You look great!

  4. wow it suits you very well!!! I love it! =)

  5. I agree with you,it's very classic ^ ^