Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Tattoo's//New Bjd Doll News

Hi Hi ♥

Yea! New Updates! Well you can see that I finally bought myself a pretty nice sewing machine, and new thing's for my Yui..Now many of my reader's think..? What happened to you...No more Gyaru :( Good new, I am still gyaru. I just need a new hobby, see it has a artistic thing. Plus I would really want to do my own gyaru clothes. Well I will try my best but I can't promise that it will turn out nice, hehe...well see. And thx to my lovely Boyfriend, he help me today a lot. He drove me around every where. Thank you Hun ♥ The other good news is I Finally got to tattoo a Cherry Blossom tree and the best thing is I free handed it (*O*) I am so happy!!!! That tree really made my day and I know that I don't look gyaru on my pic, I am at work plus I wasn't feeling to but my gal make up on. Soon I will post more Gal Pics of myself :P Oh well that's it, I hope you Gal's will have a beautiful night! bye bye ♥

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