Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So much stuff *O*

Hi Gals!

Today I want it to Blog about the stuff I bought !! I bought,
so much!! I am pretty sure you can tell plus MA*RS gave me
a small gift, because I worked for them!! I am so happy I 
Bought so many cute Items plus I bought Janis something,
too. I hope next time Janis could be here.

Soon I will buy so much more items online!!

 Yea! I went shopping to with Michi, Tricia and Adri! I love them!
Michi is so nice and sweet and omg Adri is funny has hell, but all
of them had an great Heart! I will miss everyone :(

This was the Last photo we took together! Thank you so much 
everyone for welcoming me with an amazing, loving heart! I 
hope I can meet you all again!!!!!!!

Love em~


  1. I'm glad you had a good time at Anime Expo! ^-^ Also loved the pictures of your previous post about it.

    1. I had so much fun!! I hope I can meet all of them again :D

  2. Seems you had such a good time! Thats good, you bougth so many things! You are lucky~

    1. I guess you can say I was lucky but at the same time It was the right moment at the right time I guess :)

  3. oh awesome hope to see closer version of the things you brought