Friday, July 12, 2013

Time to save more Money!

Hi Gals!

Oh my God, I went to the MA*RS store and saw those cute
Items *O* You know what that means, time to save money 
again!! I really wanna try to order all the Items I want, but I 
would go with the handbag first!

But those are the items I would like to have from MA*RS <3

Pink Rose Dress

 Black Rose Dress

 Butterfly Dress

 Heart shape earrings 

 Pink Handbag

 Cute Black Bow Top

 Outwear Pink soft jacket 

Let hope I can have them next month all *O* I need more
MA*RS Items, and I am thinking to to sale all of my Liz
Lisa Items I got...DOnt care for Liz Lisa anymore!!!!!!!!!
I became a MA*RS Gal now!

love em~


  1. All of the items are so cute >_<
    I'm trying to save my money also so that I could buy some of MA*RS stuff while I'm in Japan.

    1. OMG You so should I love mars and tutuha *O*

  2. they have so many cute things, good luck saving for them!

  3. I like the bag, black bow top, and the pink cardigan! I want to try and buy at least one thing from MA*RS item while I visit Japan in a few months~ it's all so pink and cute!


    1. I just love the fashion is so cute and kawaii *O*